Do you struggle to find a laptop backpack that suits a traveler and frequent flyer?

Finding the best laptop bag for travel with enough space, comfort, and one that can fit under the seat in front of you AND is well made is more difficult than you would think.

I’ve tried many different types of laptop bags and were yet to find one that didn’t break after a few months.

I carry a lot of stuff inside of it) or send me to the chiropractor for readjustments or force me to use the overhead bins on the plane.

And I hate putting my daypack in the overhead bins.

I like to access all my stuff right when I want to access it. I don’t want to climb over people or wait until the seat belt sign is turned off to get out my laptop and start working.

I get a a lot of work done on a plane by the way.

It’s a FANTASTIC carry on backpack option for your luggage.

I use it whenever I go on short trips where I don’t need to carry a lot of luggage.

Attending conferences is NOT one of those times as I usually require a few outfit changes (women and all), especially if I am speaking and require more of a professional look.

I recently took the Tortuga laptop backpack with me to a conference in New York City.

I took my rolling check in suitcase with me, and I loved traveling with both of these items.

They were the only bags I had, all of my luggage was beautifully organized and I could easily and comfortable maneuver around the airports and New York City streets.

Tortuga sent me a Setout Laptop Backpack to test drive and review (if I wanted) as it’s the kind of travel luggage that suits me better – someone who mostly travels with a checked in suitcase, but requires something exactly like this laptop backpack as a secondary bag.

I am a travel blogger and business traveler, so need the best laptop backpack for travel to carry my important things with me on a plane.

Who are Tortuga Backpacks?

I was more than happy to write this Setout Laptop Backpack review for you as I LOVE the Tortuga brand and their products.

Their backpacks are stylish, durable, spacious and comfortable.

Tortuga Backpacks was created by Fred Perrotta and Jeremy Michael Cohen in 2011. They want to help you live on your own terms by creating modern, innovative backpacks that support your needs.

As travelers themselves they get it!

The Tortuga Setout Backpack was released in November 2019. It’s the latest backpack from this innovative and affordable luggage company.

Other travel packs they make include the Tortuga Outbreaker, travel duffel bags and travel accessories.

Introducing the Setout Laptop Backpack

Best Laptop Backpack For Travel -Tortuga Setout Review

The Setout Laptop Backpack is now my favorite piece of luggage.

I use it All. The. Time.

When I’m flying, when I’m headed to a local café to work, to conferences, when we’re driving from one location to another as I can carry all I need to work in the car in one bag with no overwhelm and mess.

I’ve been using the laptop bag for several months now to get a great feel for it before recommending it as one of the best laptop backpacks.

Let’s outline the feature of the Tortuga Setout Laptop Backpack that makes it a worthy travel companion (even just a work/study companion)

Perfect for Air Travel

Tortuga laptop backpack review (3)

The Setout Laptop Backpack is a versatile secondary bag that has been designed with air travelers in mind.

You can slide it under the seat of most airplanes and carry all your electronics, chargers, a change of clothes, and your in-flight essentials.

You won’t have to fight for luggage space and everything you want for the flight is in front of you.

Technically then, you shouldn’t have to pay for overhead luggage, which airlines are doing more of. I say technically because I don’t trust airlines.

The Tortuga laptop bag is also easy to manage when you have multiple suitcases (which is typically how I travel)

It can sit it on top of my checked baggage as I roll it along, or it sits comfortably on my back for hands free movement.

The laptop compartment in the back makes it quick and easy to get your laptop in and out of your laptop pocket for airport security.

Spacious and Organized

Having all your possessions in one place minimizes hassle and potential loss when traveling.

I no longer have to take several bags on the plane with me to cater to my travel possessions. I can now fit everything I need for plane travel into this one travel laptop bag.

I don’t even have to carry an extra purse anymore.

The different pockets and compartments is one of the features that helps make this one of the best laptop backpacks for travel.