Believe it or not Las Vegas with kids can be a fun vacation! If kids live there, kids can visit too.

Our girls have been to Vegas three times and loved it for its big city lights and fun atmosphere. To help you plan your family trip to Vegas, we’re sharing what we think are the most kid-friendly hotels in Las Vegas.

Bear in mind, this is Vegas, so many of the Las Vegas hotels we recommend will have non-family guests as well.

Many of the Vegas hotels are in casinos so if you don’t like this you may want to search off the strip and find some Las Vegas resorts that are more suited to a family vacation.

Vegas’ uniqueness lies in the Strip and its casinos, so I do think staying in a casino on the Strip will give you a memorable vacation.

It’s one of those rare places where I say the accommodation is a major feature of the experience, so choose wisely.

Ways to Save Money on Hotels in Vegas

Firstly, lets look at some simple tips for finding cheap places to stay in Vegas for families. There are a few important things to note that are specific to Las Vegas.

It’s a unique destination and cultural experience.

Not only is it a major international tourist destination and weekend vacation hot spot for Americans, it’s also huge for conventions. All of which can impact the price of your hotel.

Here are a few tips to reduce that.

Visit Vegas Midweek

Sunday to Thursday is typically when you get much cheaper prices on hotels in Vegas. Tuesday and Wednesday night are generally the cheapest. Don’t worry, Vegas parties like it’s Saturday every night.

Cheap rack room prices don’t tell the full story

Room rack prices are very cheap in Vegas as they know how to get money out of you in many other ways. Don’t let the room rack price fool you into thinking you have a deal – the extras will quickly raise that.

For that cheap room rack price all you’ll get is a bed, a TV, and an ice bucket.

If you want anything else, you’re going to be paying for it like a $25 daily fee for a bar fridge. Just bring in your own cooler and fill it with ice from the machine.

If you don’t need any of the extras stick to the basic cheap price and get your Vegas cheap hotel.

Prices based on two people

You will have to pay extra for any extra bodies over two people in your hotel room. It’s ridiculously high and important to know when booking family accommodation in Vegas.

You can pretend you don’t have children when you check in as they won’t verify it. You didn’t hear that from us and you accept all responsibility if you get caught.

Las Vegas Resort Fees

Pretty much all Las Vegas hotels charge a resort fee.

I think the only way you can get out of it is if you are a certain membership level on their reward cards. The resort fees are to help the government pay for roads etc. as they have a lower local population tax base.

That is what our Downtown Las Vegas walking tour guide told us anyway. The following hotels don’t have resort fees, but as you’ll see most are not on the Strip. Be sure to double check as things change.

Family-Friendly Hotels in Las Vegas

1. Harrah’s Hotel & Casino – Central Strip

We think Harrah’s Casino is the best value hotel on the Strip for families.

Here’s what we loved about Harrah’s:

  • Ideal location on the Center of the Strip across the road from Caesar’s Palace and the Mirage.
  • Recently renovated rooms made it more modern and attractive.
  • We had great views out over the High Roller and mountains.
  • While the pool area is smaller and maybe not as glam as other casino pools, I still liked it.

2. Treasure Island Hotel & Casino- Strip Central

Treasure Island is a little more upscale than Harrah’s, but with the extra amenities it may be worth it and place it as one of the best family hotels in Las Vegas.

There might be a bit more of a party scene here in the actual casino area.

What we liked about Treasure Island

  • Ideal location on the Center of the Strip

3. The Mirage Resort & Casino – Central Strip

While technically Craig and the girls stayed down at Treasure Island when they visited Vegas with his family, they spent a lot of time at The Mirage as his family stayed there.

They loved the amenities and felt it was an amazing family resort in Las Vegas.

What we liked about The Mirage

  • Variety of dining options within the hotel
  • Great, central location
  • Clean, elegant and modern
  • Good resort style pool area
  • You might be able to watch the nightly volcano show from your room

4. Excalibur Hotel – South Strip

If you’re looking for cheap family accommodation on the strip and a basic room, you’ll find it at Excalibur. If you don’t intend to spend a lot of time at the hotel it’s a good option.

After hours of research it was the cheapest we could find.

Excalibur is at the southern end of the Strip, which is about a 30-minute walk to the center.

The Excalibur is a good option for lower budget. We did have to step over a pile of vomit on the casino walkway one morning, but they cleaned it pretty fast, and hey you’re in Vegas!

You are right next door to the New York New York hotel here and will see that roller coaster zipping around each time you walk out. Our girls went on this ride and loved it. Although at $15 a ride, it was once in a trip experience for them.

The Luxor is next door to here as well. We have not stayed at the Luxor with kids before, but Craig and I have stayed there pre-kids.

It’s another good budget Vegas option similar to Excalibur. The kids may think it’s pretty cool to stay in a pyramid!

Other Kid-Friendly Hotels in Las Vegas

While we may not have stayed at these kid friendly hotels in Vegas, we have spent time researching them for you.

Some of these Vegas hotels are connected to a casino, which we’ve spent time in to get a feel for the vibe.

We’ve also checked out reviews and amenities. Some are also Las Vegas family friendly properties that friends or families have stayed in.

For cheaper Vegas hotels, but still offer a great experience, we recommend the following:

5. Flamingo Hotel & Casino

I want to stay at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino when we return to Vegas. It’s been recently renovated, so I now love it’s modern spin on what is quite a retro style.

I also love it’s location on the center of the Strip and near to the Linq Promenade which is one of my favorite areas on the Strip, which gives a more local alfresco feel.

The best family hotels in Vegas on a budget in the center of the strip would be:

  • Harrah’s
  • Bally’s
  • Treasure Island
  • Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
  • and the Best Western Plus Casino Royale.